Explore the Olympic Peninsula: A Camping Trip

Explore the Olympic Peninsula: A Camping Trip

Kids love ferry boats and it is a great way to stretch everyone's legs out on a long drive by climbing the stairs and checking out the contrasting decks. Getting off and heading straight to Port Angeles, I then suggested Salty Sweets frozen yogurt and it was excellent!

Our first night we camped at Heart O the Hills campground just inside the Olympic National Park at the Hurricane Ridge entrance (video here). This was my daughters first time camping in an old growth forest, and in a tent.  

Ranger Tracy put on a slide show and talk about endangered species of the park at the amphitheater there. She talked the girls into completing the booklet to become Junior Rangers. When we turned in all of their work the next day, Ranger Tracy was working at the visitors center and they got their badges from her!

After a great sleep in the tent my wife drove us up to Hurricane Ridge (video here) and it was perfect. We hiked a couple of the loop trails that leave from the parking lot and saw a lot of wildlife. My oldest daughter, always in the lead, turned a corner and found herself face to face with a deer- an epic moment for sure.  

Headed for Neah Bay, we stopped again at Salty Sweets for a frozen yogurt. The drive from Port Angeles is long, but there are some great spots along the way. Crescent Lake is huge and the final push along The Strait of Juan De Fuca is very beautiful. 

Neah Bay has a grocery store, gas pumps and an amazing museum. We purchased a Makah Nation Pass and went to Hobuck Campground right on the Pacific Ocean.  The campsites are plenty and it has a very open feel there. 

Most everyone had surfboards and kayaks that were fun to watch as we dipped in the water and played with the sand. After a quick dinner, we headed to Cape Flattery, a short hike to the most northwest point of Washington State.  

It is a very well kept trail. The first half is graveled and the second half is mostly boardwalks and decking. Such a beautiful place. A couple was getting married on one of the decks there and my oldest daughter couldn't stop talking about it! "I saw them kissing", she kept saying.  

Back at Hobuck, the campers next to us announced a talent show for all kids followed by an adult jam session and a movie after dark. I was so proud of both of my girls for telling a joke together and singing Yankee Doodle.  

The jam session turned out to be amazing (great video here). A violin, mandolin, stand up bass and a couple of guitars sounded great together. The girls danced until mom took them to bed and I went with the musicians for a few hours to a bonfire concert on the beach.  

We broke up the long ride home with a final stop at Salty Sweets for another frozen yogurt! Yes it was that good. Then of course an hour or so wait at the ferry.  

Thanks to my trooper of a wife for letting me drag her on this Father's Day trip! 

Here are more pictures from

Heart O the Hills Campground

Here are more pictures from Hurricane Ridge

More pictures from Cape Flattery

More Pictures of Hobuck and

Salty Sweets playing


By Rudy Giecek



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