We partner with hiking gear companies and companies in the hiking communities of the Cascade or Olympic Mountains. Our social media reach is extremely high and that drives thousands of visitors back to our North Cascade Hiker website. We get the most site traffic from hiking families! (Prices at bottom)

Website month of April 2017:

  • Unique visitors- 8,730
  • Overall visits- 9,806
  • Page views- 11,414

Total podcast downloads as of January 12th 2018- Over 100,000

Social Media on April 23rd, 2017 total Facebook reach for the past week was 334,039:

  • Our Facebook Page North Cascade Hiker- 5,553 likes with a weekly post reach of 58,875
  • We also post on Skagit Breaking- 72,000 likes and a weekly post reach of 236,164
  • We also post on Whatcom Breaking News- 17,000 likes and a weekly post reach of 39,000

An example of a post that we share on our Facebook and then share out to the other ones shows a high amount of traffic back to the article where your advertisement or featured gear item could be!


Send emails to rudy@cascadehikerpodcast.com

1. Webpage ad that will show up on all of the pages of our website. Our ad space is located in the right column of our pages.

  • $200 a month and will include free social media sharing.

2. Featured gear item or a traveling destination in a post that will be shared on our social media outlets for free.

  • $100 with a link back to your item or destination as a suggestion to our viewers. The publication with your product suggestion will be shared out to our social media as a free bonus to boost the page views.

3. Review your gear item or traveling destination. 

  • Ship us the item at no cost to us or, if you are a location, then explain to us how we should book a free stay/dinner with you. We will get you maximum exposure explaining our personal experience with your product. These reviews will also be shared out to our social media for free.

4. Do want us to share your item to our social media, but not done as a review or featured in an article?

  • $40 will get you a one time ad on our next webpage that will be shared on our social media for free. This won't be as personal as #3 or #2, but we will get it out for you just the same! 

5. Advertise on our podcast!

  • $40 for one episode. This will also include a Facebook post.
  • I am also open to a brand ambassador type relationship. Your product would be mentioned on every episode, various blog posts and definitely social media.