Have you hiked any of the trails in Anacortes? This book is the product of Bob Jepperson spending 2-4 hours a day hikeg among the hiking, ponds and wildlife in the woods there.

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Bob Jepperson is a newly published author from Anacortes, Washington. He talks about the trail system within the town out there and his personal relationship with it.

He carries a 22 inch plastic parabolic dish sound recorder on some of his hikes through the woods. Bob describes it as a sort of headlight in reverse. His book, and the accompanied sounds, capture this analytic description well.

Bob Jepperson reads a piece from his book titled "Ritual at Dusk". This is a special part of the book for my kids and I because Bob had described this ritual to us in person and we heard it on the trail with him. We play a couple recordings of the ritual here.

I read a short piece-

"I return to a trail I have not visited in months to see how she is doing

She is a favorite - a twisted sister for sure

Who hides surprises behind her boney knees and elbows"

He has named some of the animals he watches. He is discouraged a bit by the sound clips online that might depict an owl's five hoots. He appreciates all wildlife and knows that not one sounds the same.

Nest Over Water is another part of the book where I read an inspirational part- "Years later only the rot resistant Western Red Cedars still stand as lifeless, bleached skeletons stills rooted in the water that drowned them."

The full story describes his cover photo of three flickers peering out of a hole in one of these cedars, looking for their mother to bring them food.

Bob reads another story from the book titled Spring Time Sprinkle. This is a different style of writing and the photos which go with it, are perfect.

The context this book offers is key. Bob tells the perfect circle of sounds, pictures and storytelling people get with Wild Love Story. A person can appreciate the pictures more with accompanied sounds or the sounds gives a perspective to a story he tells in his writing.

I’ve always found a wild place everywhere I’ve lived and that wild place is somewhere I like to go over and over. I tend to do that. Find a place. Go there over and over and get to know it well.
— Wild Love Story

One of his pictures and stories is about an owl Bob followed, capturing the owl with a dragonfly in its beak. He describes watching it figure out how to consume the dragonfly. It transfers it from beak to claw for quite some time before taking it all in one swallow.

We also listen to some sounds of the Red Legged Frogs. One is a mating call of male and female and the other is what Bob describes as a mating ball.

Bob has explored the trails and waterways in what he describes as a perfect combination of species and plant life. You to can explore a wild place in your own community. Bob says to visit it often and soon you will learn the habits of the surrounding life.

Learn more- https://www.bobjepperson.com

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