Perry Creek Falls and 

Mount Forgotten Meadows


Miles: 7 roundtrip to falls 

11 to meadows

Elevation: 3400 feet gained

The new section adds about a mile and a half to the starting of this trail, but offers much needed parking. Very little elevation is gained at first, until short road walk leads you to the original trailhead, and that takes you up through the canyon. Hiking a mellow upgrade along the steep slopes of Mount Dickerman, you see cascading falls across the valley on Stillaguamish Peak. Perry Creek Falls is unique in that, you approach it from above instead of the traditionally lower approach to waterfalls. From here, if you choose to climb, cross the creek and begin a series of steep switchbacks through a thick forest. Soon, an overlook, that some tired hikers mistake for the top, pulls you to the left. Stay right and shortly find a tarn in the meadows and the unmistakeable Glacier Peak. There is a climber's route that continues to the summit of Mount Forgotten, but go wearily because it is not a maintained path.

  • Get there: Pass Verlot about 16 miles, just beyond the Ice Caves Trail. A huge marked parking lot is on the left and is shared with the Mount Dickerman Trail. 

More pictures courtesy of Ed Hogle