Pacific Crest Trail


Suiattle River Road

Access Point

One of only two access trails near the Mountain Loop to reach the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT); the other being the North Fork Sauk Trail. You connect with the PCT just after it crosses the Suiattle River over a newer suspension bridge. Go north to find access to the Lyman Lakes, Stehiekin, and eventually Highway 20 at Rainy Pass 46 miles up. If you are heading south, then cross the river and climb the north shoulder of Glacier Peak. Fire Creek Pass, Red Pass, Lake Sally Ann, and Grizzly Peak are all fine spots on the way to Highway 2 at Stevens Pass 70 miles away.

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  • Get there: Take Highway 530 through Darrington and over the Sauk River on a grated bridge. Just after this bridge, take a right onto Suiattle River Road (11 miles to Highway 20). Starting as a mostly paved road, it soon turns to gravel. This trailhead has a very large parking lot with toilets at the road's end, nearly 24 miles.

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