Old Robe Trail

Miles: 2.7 miles roundtrip to rock slide - 4 miles to tunnel #5

Elevation: 500 feet gained

Mountain Loop Granite Falls


This trail has a lot of similarities to the Lime Kiln. The old railway is from the same time period and the trail itself only has uphill on the way out. I can actually remember hiking this trail as a very young kid myself - dreaming of the trains steaming through the forest into the gorge. There are a couple of spots to easily find the Stiliguamish River and let your kids throw rocks or just listen to the water.

There was a rock slide that makes it very unsafe for kids to continue past and unfortunately just misses the first of two abandoned railroad tunnels. This gorge in the Stiliguamish was once a very hard spot for the old railroad, and there used to be six tunnels in a short distance through this small canyon.  The two tunnels on this trail are numbers six and five.  The next tunnel, is no longer standing and the final tunnel that used to be accessible from this trail is mostly buried. There is also an bridge just before the final tunnel!

  • Get there: This trail is out of Granite Falls up the Mountain Loop. The trailhead is on the highway directly across from the Green Mountain Road about seven miles from town.