Lime Kiln Trail

Miles: 7 miles roundtrip

Elevation: 650 feet gained

Granite Falls area

This trail was established in the 90's, but has a history as long as the community that is all around it. The early 1900's brought a lot of people to the upper Stiliguamish River. Lime Kilns converted limestone to lime. The lime was transported on the railroad across the river to Everett and used to help melt ore. This trail is very easy for ages 4 or 5 and above.  It does drop in elevation, so the only uphill is on the way back to your car. Bonus for the kids on this hike are the remnants of the kiln and the Stiliguamish River. Kids love water!!  

  • Get there: Go to Granite Falls, but this hike is not up the Mountain Loop. Drive to the eastside of ton by turning right on Alder Avenue. In about a half of a mile turn left on Menzel Lake Road and continue until a left hand turn on Waite Road. Follow this road until you pass a turn around area and stay left (uphill) until you see the white gate on the left. It's just before the road splits into two private roads.