Snowshoe Walks: Guided tours by Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Snowshoe Walks: Guided tours by Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Have you ever wanted to go snowshoeing, but don't want to go alone? Or maybe you are experience, but want to learn something while exploring?

The Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is guiding tours near you!

Mount Baker

Meet at the GlacierPublic Service Center (Milepost 34) on Highway 542. Walks will be 2-3 hours plus added time for driving to the starting point. Poles and Shoes will be provided!

Ranger Guided Snowshoe Walk. Learn snowshoe and winter safety basics while gaining knowledge about winter ecology, recreation opportunities, and the cultural history of the North Fork Nooksack drainage.

Avalanche Awareness Walk. Join the Northwest Avalanche Center and the Forest Service for an avalanche awareness snowshoe walk. An NWAC avalanche specialist will lead the walk and present about avalanche safety during your snowshoe outing. This is a great opportunity to get outdoors and learn about avalanche safety.

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Mountain Loop Highway Granite Falls

Meet at the Verlot Ranger Station 11 miles East of Granite Falls. This is approximately a five hour roundtrip adventure including lunch at the Big Four Picnic Area. The walk will include conversation about the animals that live in the area year round and history of the Monte Cristo Railroad. Groups will be carpooling to the Deer Creek Road gate on the Mountain Loop Highway. 

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Stevens Pass

Learn about the winter ecosystem, wildlife, Stevens Pass history and safety on this 90 minute guided nature discovery tour along the Pacific Crest Trail. Meet at the Forest Service Guard Station by Parking Lot A at the Stevens Pass Mountain Resort. There will be an orientation including Stevens Pass history presentation in the Guard Station before starting the quarter mile hike.

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Snoqualmie Pass

90 Minute walk. Join this 1 mile loop that winds through opulent old-growth forest. Elevated up on the snow-pack, you'll enjoy experiencing the middle-canopy of the trees. You'll normally see hidden lichens, fungus, winter birds and mammals. Discover what critters made those mysterious tracks and what exactly are all those tiny black insects flipping around on the snow! You will be guided through this winter hike at a moderate pace and with interesting winter ecology facts you can impress your friends and family with.

Extended walk. This winter trek will take you into the heart of Commonwealth Basin, a landscape that is rich with snowshoe routes and interesting winter life. Marten, ground squirrel, bobcat and wolverine all travel through this area, sometimes leaving evidence on the fresh snow. It will travel about 5 miles at a moderate pace climbing into the basin, including a lunch break boasting scenery you'll be craving the rest of the winter. Bring a well-stocked backpack, lunch and dress for the ever-changing mountain weather for this one; we'll be out for about 4-5 hours.

Photography walk. Photography enthusiasts from expert to novice will enjoy the opportunities for winter inspired photos. Catch a radiating dendrite or possibly some magnificent hoar frost. Commonwealth Creek offers many unique photographic interests: ice falls, cool vapors and the swirling dark waters of mid-winter. Your guide will inspire discussions about light, composition and exposure. Participants are encouraged to bring their own film or digital cameras. In order to reduce your own exposure, please carry a well-stocked backpack with lunch. This trip usually lasts about 4 to 5 hours. For more information on this tour, please refer to Alpine Scenes.

Kids in Snow! Kids of all ages enjoy this 90 minute outing that jump starts participants on their way to earn a Jr. Snow Ranger badge. Identify tracks, learn about exploring nature in winter, and climb into an igloo (snowpack permitting). Discover which animals live nearby that turn white in winter, sleep the winter away, burrow and live entirely under the snow and those that can freeze themselves nearly solid right through until the spring melt. Kids control the speed of this walk, and all sizes of snowshoes will be available! Adults can follow along with the kids and there will be snowshoes for you as well.

Avalanche Awareness Walk. Join the Northwest Avalanche Center and the Forest Service for snowshoe walks where the focus is entirely Avalanche Awareness. Professionals from the Northwest Avalanche Center will be leading and presenting on these walks.

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