Should Women Be Scared of Hiking Alone

Should Women Be Scared of Hiking Alone


Inexperience, fear, and unpreparedness are reasons for anyone not to hike, or not to hike alone. If these are not a problem for you, then go and get on the trail! 


It doesn't take a lot to understand day hiking. Make sure you have the essentials (link here) and know where you are going. Confidence and experience go hand in hand.


Everyone should respect the outdoors and with fear, one gains respect. The part of fear that disturbs me, is other people putting their fear on someone else. 

If YOU are afraid to hike alone then don’t! Quit trying to scare everyone else from doing it.


If you don't plan ahead, then you are setting up for failure. Make sure to pack what you need for the area, or time of year, that you are hiking. Also, let someone know where you are and when you should be home by. Being prepared has many levels and may even include things that I don't even do to prepare. 

The key to solo hiking is to have fun and enjoy what you are doing. A lot of folks that are not hikers are the ones that will tell you, "better be careful!" or ask questions like, "what about bears?" 

In my opinion, the hikes that are deep in the mountains are the best hikes to solo hike. Closer to towns, you can run into some shady people, or people that just don't hike very much. Other hikers are the friendliest people you will meet and will certainly be there for you if you need them for anything.

Another thing to consider while solo hiking, is to not take any chances. For example, I don't ever hike by myself in the snow. I am afraid of possible injuries (though I do not tell others that they should not).

I hope that my daughters feel comfortable in the backcountry alone as they grow up! I have been hiking with them and showing them the things to be looking out for and all the right things to do out there.

If these, and any other scenarios that scare other people, are not a concern of yours, then go to the mountains!

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By Rudy Giecek



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