Land Management Meetings

Saving the Spotted Owl sparked the adoption of the Northwest Forest Plan, or NWFP, in 1994 to help regulate the forestry business. The National Forest Management Act holds the Forest Service accountable of these plans and usually gives them up to fifteen years to revise them. 

The NWFP is made up of lands in Washington and Oregon.

The Forest Service is now holding public conversation meetings regarding any possible revision ideas they have. Some of the topics that they are balancing on the plan's teeter-totter are:

  • Wildlife
  • Native plant species
  • 7 different Bureau of Land Management plans
  • 19 National Forests within the NWFP
  • Forest Industry economy

The next public listening meeting will be in Mount Vernon on April 23rd. They will be giving information to attendees about the scientific role in the revisions and any up to date ideas they have on the revision plan.

Note: There is not an exact location for this meeting yet, so please check back for an update on that!

Here is my friends awesome article on this! She did a thorough job so check this out.

For more information and other public meeting dates go to:

For information on the 2012 planning regulations on new plan revisions go to:

By: Rudy Giecek

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