Hiking with Back Pain Solved

Hiking with Back Pain Solved

It Hurts

My lower back has been an issue for me the past five or six years. I am an overweight hiker and outdoor athlete who doesn’t like to settle for the couch.

When my back “goes out”, I am refined to sitting or laying down to ease the pressure. I am forced to hunch over while standing and walking. Owning my own business requires me to work through the pain.

The Fear

When I go backpacking, it is always I the back of my mind that my back will “go out” while miles from my car and I will be stuck there in agony. Double or triple the fear because I am usually out there with my young daughters.

This scares both my wife and I, not knowing when it will happen.

The Fix

I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me there was a stretch I could do that would immediately take the pain away. This “magic pill” has put my pain and my fear at ease.

It turns out to be a simple stretch of the quadratus lumborum muscle (QL). Here is the website I found that cured my pain- https://athleanx.com The video below is what I watched.

This can be done every morning in the tent to start a fresh day on the trail.

Watch this!!

I understand

This will not help everybody and there are spinal issues which cause severe, and sometimes incurable, pain.

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