Lake 22

Granite Falls Mountain Loop Area

Miles: 5.5 miles roundtrip 

Elevation: 1350 feet gained 

This trail is a perfect trail to take and definitely great as a first hike. It starts off gradual until entering the old growth forest and crossing 22 Creek over a well built bridge. The trail stays steadily up until about a quarter of a mile from the lake where it stays level before reaching it. There is a section just before which is along an open slope and is a bit rocky and can get warm in sunny weather. Most hikers take the trail that circles Lake 22 that wasn't, until about the year 2001, even a considerable option. At that time, the once rough path was made into a good trail. Though it adds about a mile to your overall hike, it is great to see the boulders around the far wall of this cirque lake. 

  • Get there: Drive the Mountain Loop through Verlot and about two miles past the blue bridge, turn into the parking lot on the right. There is a bathroom at the trailhead.