Gorge Overlook Trail/Gorge Creek Falls


Diablo Lake Area

There is a large parking lot with Handicap spaces and a toilets. There are two trailheads, one is an obvious ADA approved trail and the other is harder to see on the opposite side of the parking lot. Both trails lead to the overlook and create a loop for able bodied hikers.

The paved path leads clockwise with interpretive signs and safety rails. There is a large viewing area where the sidewalk ends, showing views of Gorge Dam below. Wheelchairs will need to return back to cross Highway 20 and look at Gorge Creek Falls, named for the narrow passage through rock walls cut by Gorge Creek.

Hikers can continue around the trail to the parking lot, completing the loop. An easy, dirt trail winding through trees and rock. It parallels the Highway for a hundred yards before finishing back at the parking lot.