Glacier Basin


Miles: 12 miles roundtrip

Elevation: 2,000 feet gained

The official trailhead is in the southeast corner of the old town of Monte Cristo, four and a half miles from the Mountain Loop Highway. As you leave the trees of the old town, you see a big waterfall on the hillside ahead. Soon, temptation will have you on a rock ledge right at that perfect waterfall. After this spot in the hike, the way goes nearly straight up at times using ropes to assist the steepness. Don't let that scare you, as it is a trail after all. The path eases as it enters the basin and the mellow creek invites you to take pictures. Old mines can be seen on the hills, and there are plenty of trails to take you around the area. 

  • Get there: Take the Mountain Loop Highway beyond Verlot 19.5 miles where the paved road becomes gravel. This is Barlow Pass, and the gated road to the right is the Monte Cristo Road. Please park in designated areas only.