163 Steven "Twinkle" Shattuck

163 Steven "Twinkle" Shattuck

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Steven’s mom purchased a John Muir Trail guidebook for herself and Twinkle used it to hike the John Muir Trail as his first thru hike! She isn’t in good enough health to hike the trail and he says she live vicariously though his hiking.

His Instagram is full of amazing photos. Being out there is the secret to great photos!

His list of trails are the John Muir Trail, Long Trail, Colorado Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail (except Maine), The Hayduke Trail, and most of the Continental Divide Trail.

He attributes his ability to get out for so long to his past job as a CPA.

He and his wife have been spending the past 15 months traveling the world hiking and adventuring and are now getting back to work. Twinkle actually just got a job with the Continental Divide Coalition.

Steven talks about pack rafting, which I am curious about. The Intex Explorer sells for $10 at Walmart!! He says to start with that before spending a ton of money. Make sure you enjoy it first. Alpacka Packrafts are the premium rafts according to Twinkle.

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/shattuck311/


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