152 Dirtbag's Guide to Life by Tim Mathis from Boldly Went

152 Dirtbag's Guide to Life by Tim Mathis from Boldly Went

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While a life of adventure has traditionally been reserved for the rich and the sponsored, to the dirtbag, it's a birthright for the masses. Partly a celebration of an underappreciated subculture of hiker trash, ski bums, and vagabonds, and partly a "how to" guide for adventure on the cheap, The Dirtbag's Guide to Life is the first solid attempt to define an outdoor movement that has taken root in backpacker hostels, long trails, and climbing crags around the world.
Distilling personal wisdom and practical lessons from dozens of the world’s most dedicated dirtbags, Boldly Went's first print publication is for anyone who dreams of hitchhiking trips through Patagonia and summers spent trail running in Montana, but who can’t be bothered by mainstream frivolities like expensive clothes and basic hygiene. 

The guide confronts some of the biggest personal and practical problems for people living the dirtbag dream - financing adventure, building a career path that is flexible enough to accommodate your passions, navigating challenges with relationships and responsibilities, and maintaining a sense of meaning when you decide to center your existence on life outside. In the process, it gets to the heart of why outdoor culture matters as a way of life that rebuilds a sense of humanity and connection in an increasingly fractured and technologized world.

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Website- https://www.boldlywentadventures.com/dirtbagguide.html

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Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/dirtbagguide/


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