149 By Land Podcast - Emory Wanger

149 By Land Podcast - Emory Wanger

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Emory Wanger is the host of The By Land Podcast. I found his podcast from an article in the Washington Trails Magazine - https://www.wta.org/news/magazine/features/outdoor-podcasts-to-inspire

Emory grew up day hiking with his dad, who ran a kids camp and he was therefor always outside. One of there horse rides as a youth, he crossed paths with some folks who were thru hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. He has since hiked the entire trail.

After he exited his career in the military, he dedicated some time helping soldiers find the outdoors. This same program was eventually the catalyst to his own thru hike.

His podcast came after his PCT hike and is a blend of hiking, outdoors and hunting. I hesitate to label his show because one just never knows what amazing guest Emory will have on next!

We talk about some episodes of his show-

Episode 46 Running 500 Miles In 10 Days With Christof Teuscher- https://byland.co/podcast/episode-46-running-500-miles-in-10-days-with-christof-teuscher

Episode 62 Thru Riding With Gillian Larson- https://byland.co/podcast/2017/12/5/ti0wu5t37kf1vt3wqlk1oqd8n48yvf-nn9ph

Emory is married and they now have a baby girl! They have decided to make the outdoors a part of their family no matter what season it is. He talks about exposing her to all the elements so that she will be used to it. One of his episodes was about hiking with kids to prep for his coming child, learning through his guests on the how to’s- https://byland.co/podcast/episode-50-one-family-6-kids-and-2000-miles

His podcast with John Z was the episode Emory said he learned some things from the most. Here is the episode- https://byland.co/podcast/episode-25-how-to-hike-50-miles-in-a-day-with-john-z


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