147 Elaine "Brazil Nut" Bissonho - Double Triple Crowner

147 Elaine "Brazil Nut" Bissonho - Double Triple Crowner

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Elaine Bissonho is known as Brazil nut on the trail. She grew up in Brazil and currently lives in Bend, Oregon. She became the third female to earn her double triple crown from ALDHA West this past Fall at the Gathering, putting her in the ranks with Anish and Yogi.

We talk about her 2018 hike on the PCT when she hiked from Mexico to Canada in 66 days. She pushed herself, knowing that Anish had done it in 60 days. Brazil Nut took three showers on this thru hike and a bunch of cold plunges in various lakes along the route.

She talks about her fears on trail. How she handles them and what are her fears.

A friend in Boston encouraged her to go on her first hike. “I don’t hike!” was Brazil Nut’s first response. Crazy to think that. They ended up hiking in New Hampshire and she went on many hikes in that area afterward. The White Mountains were her first love.

Stretching is very important for Brazil Nut. She would use her elbows to work on her legs and she tries to keep her feet lubed up. She uses three different types of socks which she changes out during the day along with a healthy dose of vaseline.

She is hoping to do the Arizona Trail, Great Divide Trail and the Pacific Northwest Trail this year.

Follow her on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/elainebrazilnut/


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