135 Treeline Review with Liz Thomas

135 Treeline Review with Liz Thomas

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Treeline Review is like the NPR of gear reviews. Liz Thomas and cofounder Naomi Hudets love outdoor gear and disliked having to look at multiple places for different reviews. Instead of researching the gear item itself, Treeline researches, analyzes, and then does a meta-review of the other reviews of that item that are floating around out there in the ocean of information that is the internet.

What Treeline Review does is figure out where there’s overlap between different professional reviewers and amateur reviews. So unlike a lot of gear review sites, they are not about breaking news stories about the newest, gnarliest, most intense gear, but more about putting all these reviews into perspective. Liz said their ultimate goal is saving people time and money.

Liz talks about the idea of buying less gear and having a better impact on the World. Getting the right gear the first time reduces the environmental impact with old purchases ending up in landfills.

Treeline Review has a great Inclusivity Mission:

Creating a space where everyone can feel empowered in the outdoors. We researched the field of gear reviews out there and sometimes it’s got a very bro-y tone. And gear stores themselves, even mainstream ones, tend to feel like a bro-y space, which is one reason (in addition to stores actually having my size and color preferences) I prefer to shop for gear online because I don’t want to be mansplained to. I’m an Asian American woman. When I first got into the outdoors, I had to actively repress my thoughts and feelings about not seeing anyone who looked like me in REI catalogs because it wasn’t really talked about in the outdoor industry in 2005.

Website- treelinereview.com

Instagram- instagram.com/treelinereview/

Facebook- facebook.com/TreelineReview


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