128 Explore Europe on Foot with Cassandra Overby

128 Explore Europe on Foot with Cassandra Overby

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Cassandra Overby is a freelance writer who loves to hike and dance and is now a published author. Her new book, Explore Europe on Foot, has all of the preparation, travel tips and what trails are on her radar for must do hikes there.

She will be giving some talks at events this fall and winter. Find the dates at http://explore-on-foot.com/events/

Explore on Foot has 15 medium distance trails which are between 3-15 days. Hikers can use these to add a hike to there Europe vacation or choose from 7 day hikes she included.

Cassandra really encourages hikers who travel to learn local politics, news and language if you can. She feels you will have a lot better experience. “Be a visitor, not a tourist,” she says there is a difference between people who come out of their hotel to take a few pictures and then go right back into their room and the people who integrate with locals.

Read her article about Dugout Dick- http://cassandraoverby.com/mountain-man-on-the-trail-of-dugout-dick/

Website- http://cassandraoverby.com

Book website- http://explore-on-foot.com


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