121 Kula Cloth for Women Backpackers

121 Kula Cloth for Women Backpackers

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The Kula Cloth is just what women hikers, backpackers and travelers have needed. Creator Anastasia Allison is on this week to talk all about her new product.

She jokes, "My target is women who pee!" 

Anastasia started using a bandana to clean up with after peeing on hikes. She thought there had to be a better way.

Kula Cloth is the result! She found many things to improve on the standard bandana. 

* Clips to your backpack

* Folds and clips to itself, keeping the unsanitary side unexposed

* Promote Leave No Trace

* Made from advanced silver-infused textiles that are purposely intended to be in contact with the human body

* Reflective detail added to the cloth so that if you are on a backpacking trip and you need to locate the cloth in the middle of the night


From Anastasia's website on how to use- 

Simply pee, just like normal (note: in a wilderness setting, good practice is to choose a spot at least 70ft from a trail and 200ft from a water source... pro tip: if you are squatting down, it can be helpful to hold one trekking pole in front of you for stability). Use the plain black dimpled side of the Kula Cloth™ to absorb any residual moisture. Since the clean/printed side is waterproof, you don't need to worry about any liquid soaking through to your hand. Note: the Kula Cloth™ is NOT for wiping anything OTHER THAN pee. Do not wipe from front to back like you might with toilet paper - keep the Kula Cloth™ entirely in the pee-zone.

Website- https://kulacloth.com

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/thekulacloth/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/kulacloth/


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