117 UP North Loop with Team UltraPedestrian

117 UP North Loop with Team UltraPedestrian

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Team UltraPedestrian is Ras and Kathy Vaughn of Washington State. They are linking together parts of the Idaho Centennial Trail, Oregon Desert Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Pacific Northwest Trail into a 2634 mile long Inland Northwest Loop.

Beginning outside Mountain Home, Idaho, they will head clockwise across Oregon, then take the Pacific Crest Trail all the way north to the Pacific Northwest Trail, head east to the Idaho Centennial Trail, and then continue south to their starting point outside Mountain Home, Idaho.

When I recorded this episode they were 200 miles from Bend Oregon along the Oregon Desert Trail (ODT). You can follow their progress in real time at http://ultrapedestrian.com/up-north-loop/

We talked about the connecting routes on either side of the ODT between both Idaho Centennial Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Former podcast guest Renee Patrick helped map those connector routes for Team UltraPedestrian.

We also talk about their book 98 Days of Wind- http://www.lulu.com/shop/ras-kathy-vaughan/98-days-of-wind-the-greatest-fail-of-our-life/paperback/product-23627583.html


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Bonus 025 Live Show Music CD!

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