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Getting Snohomish County's youth jobs they can show some ownership doing, is the passion behind Trails to Success. Jeb Bolton from Snohomish Juvenile Court is on to tell us all about the program he is leading. Confidence and leadership skills are what he hopes are gained by those in this program.

The "trails" part of the title is trail work. Some of the youth in Snohomish County have done more volunteer work then some avid hikers. The learn all different aspects of trail work and planning new trails like the 1.1 mile trail built by the program at Kayak Point.

Rich Patton from Snohomish County Parks and Recreation joins us to talk about what these youth volunteers are doing for the Parks Department and how much it is helping them. He also gives some specific information about some trails to help give perspective.

Trails to Success is a partnership between the juvenile court, the parks department, Snohomish County WorkSource and the court’s Reclaiming Futures program. Youth can be referred to the voluntary program by their probation counselor.


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