101 Jason Hummel Backcountry Skiing

101 Jason Hummel Backcountry Skiing

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Jason Hummel is hard to nail down as far as labeling what it is he does in the outdoors. He is a published photographer, backcountry skier, hiker, backpacker, mountain biker and climber. 

He and his twin brother have been skiing once a month in the state of Washington since they were both 19 years old. Now in they late thirties, they are setting the record higher as every month passes.

One of Jason's newest projects is called the Washington Glacier Ski Project. Over the next several years he will methodically visit and ski up, down and/or across every named glacier in Washington from the volcanoes, the Olympics and throughout the North Cascades.

We also talk about Jason's book- Alpine State of Mind. I can say, now that I own the book, it is wonderfully put together and the pictures are amazing!

Buy the book- www.alpinestateofmindjournal.com

Jason's website- www.alpinestateofmind.com

Instagram- www.instagram.com/jasonhummel/


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