074 Backcountry Painting with Mark Boyle

074 Backcountry Painting with Mark Boyle

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While most people think of painting in a studio or classroom, Mark Boyle loves to paint at the scene of which he is painting and in the moment to catch all of the exact colors. He explains that pictures never seem to show the true colors of what he sees in person.


Mark sometimes finds a backcountry spot he can drive to and paint a river or forest. Sometimes he packs in a smaller easel to capture a deep scene miles from his car.

When he paints subjects fishing or the fish themselves, he is actually looking at them and painting them in the moment. Mark talks in our interview about having his friends stand in the same spot by a backcountry campfire for way too long.


The fish don't sit still for him, but he described to me a tedious process he endured when trying to match the color of Sockeye Salmon. He took his paints up to an Alaskan river and waded out, standing in one spot mixing colors for hours. He finally found the perfect mix!

His series of paintings with a bunch of clam diggers along the Pacific Ocean are stunning and after talking with Mark about these, I can now imagine him standing out there amongst these diggers painting away.

The easels that Mark uses are found at: allaprimapochade.com

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Please check out his work at: markboyle.com


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