069 Mike Mutzel from High Intensity Health

069 Mike Mutzel from High Intensity Health

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Mike Mutzel is the host of the High Intensity Health Podcast and I was excited to pull from his Functional Medicine background with these question-

Some hikers get an non threatening injury or have pain/soreness, they might joke about using their Vitamin “I”. Are we self prescribing too much Advil?

Ibuprofen and asprin slows down the bodies natural response to healing and affects long term recovery. If someone sprains their ankle and takes Ibuprofen so they can hike the next day, it won’t heal the injury and could lead to a worse injury later. I would suggest bringing some whiskey, Marajuana or CBD instead for the pain and discomfort.

Fresh water in the mountains and people still add flavor to it. What are your thoughts?

Sweeteners alter your bodies natural response to insulin. This could cause a drop in blood sugar leaving a hiker with very low energy and could be a bad situation. New research is showing a correlation with artificial sweeteners and Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's. The connection between our brain and our gut cannot be fooled be artificial sweeteners.

Mentioned The Dorrito Effect by Mark Matzger and Hack Your Taste buds.

What do you think about energy drinks on the trail?

I am a fan of caffeine. Stick to coffee or tea if you can. More of a natural source is best. Use some caffeine to push yourself every once in a while, but you shouldn’t always depend on it. (Episode 17) Another good way to fuel your body are healthy fats like Ghee Butter or Coconut oil. Try not to over do the fats, if you aren’t climbing mountains!

Should we be scared of ticks on the trail?

Prevention is key, so try to use DEET and Permethrin. Be aware of the migrating pain that comes with Lymes Disease so you know wether or not you have any issues. Garlic has also been known to thwart ticks. Ticks can also affect people differently based on our immune systems so eating correctly and getting enough sleep can help in the long run. This could be the same for Giardia and how it affects each of us.

What about mold? Should hikers be concerned about mold in our gear?

We can test for this now in patients. Some of the signs are foggy memory or forgetting things like where you left your keys or peoples names. It is important to note that only 25 percent of our population are genetically susceptible to mold toxins.

What are your thoughts about moving your body more naturally and stretching to lessen chances of injury?

Katy Bowman and Anot Benal are supporters of movement and alternative methods like foam rollers, trigger point therapy or dry needling. Backpackers that have heavier packs need to do something to help out their spine.

Find Mike Mutzel: highintensityhealth.com, Facebook, or YouTube


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