059 Trek for Treasure in Skagit County

059 Trek for Treasure in Skagit County

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Mark Pearson has been running Trek for Treasure for quite a few years now, starting as a way to encourage employees at United General of Sedro Woolley to get out and hike. When he opened it to the public, he was excited to see so much interest.

The idea of Trek for Treasure: 

Teams signup and receive an email every other Friday morning. There are six hikes to complete in 12 weeks. To complete a hike, trekkers need to find the treasure box which has the clues or riddles inside. All team members must be present and take a photo at the treasure box as proof.

There is no rush and teams have two weeks to complete each hike. There is a rush for those wanting to be placed in the top rankings on the final hike. Be one of the first teams to complete the hike and answer the final riddle, and you win!

Sign up here: http://www.trekfortreasure.org/registration/

This years theme is titled The Search for Sasquatch! 

From the website: 

Is “Sasquatch” more than a myth?  For years people have attempted to answer this age old question. Countless individuals have searched the vast wilderness of the great American Northwest in search of theses legendary creatures.  In spite of their efforts, Sasquatch has eluded man still today.
Over the years, there have been many stories or legends of sightings of Sasquatch within the state of Washington. Despite some strong evidence, most of these sightings have never been definitively confirmed.  No one knows for sure if Sasquatch really exists or if the stories are just fabricated legend…word-of-mouth is often the only proof of their existence.
After years of investigating, Mark Pearson has found evidence of the legendary Sasquatch!  He is very close to locating the whereabouts of one of these elusive creatures and he needs your help! It is up to you and your team to travel the trails of the great Northwest, collect the clues in your Sasquatch Research Manual, and find the mysterious Sasquatch creature!

Also on the website is an informative "rules" of the trail to check out: http://www.trekfortreasure.org/another-page/

In 2016, more than 650 hikers participated in the Trek for Treasure challenge, and had a great time getting fit with their family and friends!

Trek for Treasure is sponsored by the Fitness Center at United General District 304, which also provides fitness classes, personal training and other healthy programs and services. Visit: unitedgeneral.org/fitness-center/

How to sign up

Questions about getting started

Email- mark.pearson@unitedgeneral.org

Website- http://www.trekfortreasure.org

 Or call- 360-854-0247


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