Beaver Lake


Miles: 4 miles roundtrip

Elevation: Less than 100 feet gained

Mountain Loop Darrington


This is a simple trail that used to be a lot longer before the Sauk River cut the trail short. There is still a great meander to an old beaver pond. Just past this point, the trail enters an old growth forest and eventually you find the slide. The kids will enjoy this hike just to get out! 

After about one mile, the trail gets very close to the river and is often washed out here. The lake itself is about 1.5 miles and the washout is at two miles. There is a nice view at the end of Whitechuck Mountain and Mount Pugh.

  • Get there: Drive to Darrington and turn right at the stop sign, going around the backside of the Mountain Loop. About nine miles, just over the Sauk River bridge, the trailhead parking lot is on the right.