Anderson-Watson Lakes

Baker Lake Area

Miles: 4 roundtrip

Elevation: 1,100 feet gained

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Enter the forest and at about 3/4 of a mile come to a junction with Watson Butte Trail. Stay right and climb through a beautiful meadow with a stream running through it. The trail at times is great, but the drop down after re-entering the trees, is not well maintained and is a bit steep at times. Now enter at the bottom, enter another meadow and find a junction at one mile with the trail to Anderson Lake. Anderson Lake is a half mile and 200 feet down to its view filled shoreline. Mount Baker is seen from its southwest meadows. Continue up a steep, short climb to a ridge top and enter Noisy-Diobsud Wilderness, where just steps past the marked sign is a great view of both the Watson Lakes. Drop down to the Watson Lakes, the first of which is smaller and has one campsite. Continue across it's outlet stream to find multiple campsites in the meadows of the second lake. There are signs for a backcountry toilet at all the lakes.

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  • Get there: Take Highway 20 east from I-5 passing through Sedro-Woolley to the Baker Lake Highway just beyond milepost 82. After 14.5 miles, turn left onto Baker Lake Dam Road, crossing the dam and then turn left onto FS rd 1107 (straight is usually gated). Find the trailhead with a toilet at the end of this road at about 10 miles.

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