Homeless Community Member Jeffery Hill

Homeless Community Member Jeffery Hill

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Jeffery Hill has been a part of the Skagit County community for about a year. He has been homeless with assistance.

We discuss his incident with Mount Vernon Police Department for trespassing on the Skagit River Dike under I-5. He knows he was trespassing, but it is hard for him to understand where he can sleep.

Ultimately Jeffery was given a $1,000 fine for his trespassing ticket, though he doesn’t have the money to pay. He credits help from Welcome Back Coop through the Mount Vernon Seventh Day Adventists.

Jeffery has been trying to find work and find a place to live permanently. These two things are necessary for the other. He can’t get a good job without giving a physical address and it is hard to hold a permanent address without a good job.

His religious beliefs keep his spirits up. “I am a child of God and I love singing in Church,” Jeffery says at one point in our discussion. I asked him to sing for me. Not too many people will start an a’cappella tune for a podcaster, but Jeffery has such a good voice, he has no shame!

He plays basketball at the local parks for fun, as well as riding his bike. Sometimes he rides to get from place to place, but other times he enjoys getting out for a ride.

Jeffery picks up trash for the City of Mount Vernon. He wants a better community and he believes things are going in that direction. “People do keep throwing paper out and I keep picking it up!”

We talk a bit about sports because Jeffery is a big sports fan. He gives his knowledge of Philadelphia teams.

He came over to Washington in 2009, going to Seattle after leaving Florida. Jeffery was proud to announce his graduation from Bread of Life in 2014. He committed his life to Christ and vowed to not drink again.

“Get yourself together, go to a good church and get your life changed. It’s not just about you, it’s about God living in you. When a person is sad, lift them up, they need a friend. Understand the good things in you are trying to come up.”

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