Did Birdsview Brewery Put Birdsview on the Map?

Did Birdsview Brewery Put Birdsview on the Map?

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Did Birdsview Brewery Put Birdsview on the Map?

Birdsview Brewery will be celebrating 12 years in business this month. They opened in July of 2006 as a family tuned brewery and deli. 

Bill and Kris Voigt with their three daughters Sarah, Jessie, and Julie and as well as Bill's grandson Julian are the family members that regularly pull shifts along with a couple of paid employees. 

1,000 square feet of this unique yurt style building are the tap room with great restrooms and a huge 21 and over beer garden. All their beer is brewed in house by Bill and Julie who we talked with.

The story of Birdview Brewery started when Bill won a shotgun in the local Birdsview Fire Department raffle. Kris, his wife, told him she didn't want the gun and so he took the money and bought his first beer kit!

A friend of Bill's found all their brew equipment From Deep Water Brewery in Chelan which closed just before Birdsview's opening back in 2006.

We chat about their current beers, their most popular in house and out of house beer is Ditsy Blonde. Walton Beverage is the brewery's distributor. They also have a Pale Ale, IPA, Scottish, and some summer fruit lagers. They will also release a HopShots beer with some proceeds donated to help fight Wild-land Fires.

They are very excited about the upcoming 12 Year Beer, or Dirty Dozen, which features 12 different hops, 12 different grain and 12 different types of yeast. "It's not an IPA and it's not a Pale Ale... It's what we call a Hybrid!" Says Brewmaster Bill.

Julie lists off some of their food menu items. Burgers, sandwiches and salads. She says that the nachos are amazing. I tried those on my visit and loved them!

The taproom is filled with art, from a huge collection of growlers and old beer cans to the posters and record art. Customers and friends have contributed to all of these collections worth looking at.

Birdsview beer.jpg

Instruments are in plenty. The music room is open to all comers to choose a guitar or bring their own and start playing anytime of the day.

"Something we hear often is that customers feel at home when they come in here. It means a lot to us because we are a family owned and operated business. We put an effort into treating our customers like family."

August 4th is Birdstock, the brewery's biggest event they hold yearly. It is a fundraiser for the Birdsview Fire Department.  There will be 6 bands performing this year and it is a blast! Families are welcome to enjoy the outdoor event.

Website- https://www.birdsviewbrewingcompany.com

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Birdsview-Brewing-Co-87152519417/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/birdsviewbrewery/

Bill mentions this book in our discussion- https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Joy-Homebrewing-Revised-Updated-ebook/dp/B00BATINQ8

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